I want to

I want to
Kiss like our lips never told the same story
Let you make love to me like you have never seen me that bare
While we listen to the sound of our voices as they climax in unison

I want to
Let you tease me like you never had me
Let you make me moan like I have never begged you
Let you make me wet like we have never hopped to the same beats
Made by our voices as they skipped a bit to the beating of our hearts

I want to
Let you pull me closer as if you have never pushed me away
Hear you call my name like you are yet to meet me
Let you scream out loud as if you are in danger
Running away from satisfaction, seeking rescue between my legs

I want to
Let you make me want you like some diamond
Let you make me grind you like some bad ass bitch
Let you make me touch you like it's your first time
Make you moan like you are about to cry
Make you lose control like you never had authority over me
Fist my way inside your soul like it's gonna hurt
Play your sacred place like the strings of a guitar
And make you come like you were born for it