Still I rise

Still I rise
after your suffocating my every dream
blocking every vision

Still I rise
After your every attempt to take away all that’s mine
After your attempts to destroy all I have diligently laboured for
Still I rise
After you pushed me against the wall seeking my very breath
Strangled me with hatred
hoping I don't resurrect
Still I rise
Still bearing the marks you left on my neck trying to put me to sleep
Wounded, battered, shaken and fearful but still cheerful
Still I rise
Tears rolling down my eyes
bucket of faith running low
still I rise
Singing failure to my ears
Still I rise
From the echoes of your disappointments
Eyes never pleased
Touches of disapproval
Still I rise
After bathing me with words not so pure
Words intended to destroy
Intended for me to self-destruct
Still I rise
From the ashes of your captivity
the burglars of pain
Still I rise
Bearing no hate
Praying for your salvation
Until you rise in humility