Disinclined waves of goodbye

After an epic night...unvoiced praises, unspoken thanksgivings, inadvertent worshipping, and the sweat,
Left me drenched in utter happiness

Left me humming your name in all my thoughts

Left me calling you baby, calling you sweetheart, calling you mine

Left me still dancing to the music we danced to last night,

Drowning in memories of what was when you and I were...having silent conversations with our bodies we were so loud

Left me replaying the art we made with our bodies

Still worn-out from the rhythm we made all night long

And then you must say good-bye, the dawn has come and it's not in our favour

I don't ever want to say good-bye but my obligations offer me no freedom to ignore the callings of my reality

Reluctantly I wave good-bye, kiss you good-bye, whisper in your ear "I will see you soon, don't you forget me"