I don't love you. I don't need you. I don't miss you

We never were a part of the crowd nor did we ever tell tales from the soil of normality. We never danced to the songs that brought movement to the commoners; we always were the elite to one another and we lived as us, breathed as such, we became as such, we are such. I don't love you. I don't need you. I don't miss you. I just worship the grounds you saunter on; I yearn to hear the sound of your voice for it has become the playlist to my soul, the melody that remedies my aches. You are my song, the one I replay through thunder storms and joyous celebrations, the alpha and omega of my day, the author of my smile. I think of you when you are away, long for you like my addiction and I find myself wanting to succumb to normality by saying or texting stupid words like "I miss you" on my phone to your digital identity, that 10 characters long numbered creature that is technologically your name but quickly I reprimand myself, such disrespect you will never tolerate so I text

“I long for the warmth of your arms, the song sung by our lips when we are locked, the feel of your skin when it's against mine, the command of your bosom when pressed against mine, our bodies joined together look so perfect, my favourite outfit you are. I look at you and I see the face of my creator, such perfection, such humility, such a soul, such harmony you possess, you were designed to care for me, to remind me of the higher power, to teach me lessons of patience. I tremble at the mention of your name, wondering do I make you feel the way you make me feel, do I ever cross your zone of thoughts, do I keep you from slumber as you have kept me? My beautiful nightmare you have become. Sometimes I feel scared, lonely and without purpose, I yearn to attend the classes of your lessons as you command me to know my place in him who created me, as you unravel the beauty within me, as you lead me to destinations decorated with flowers of hope. I pine for your presence to cloud my space, to watch you toss and turn on our bed, such beauty you possess even in your sleep”

Forgive me if all these words translate to I love you, I miss you and I need you. Never meant you such disrespect.