My boi

She is a lady, so gentle they confuse her for a man

Smile so beautiful she is my perfect girl

She calls herself my husband

Silently I call her my wife

She hates it when I refer to her as my woman

Claims she is a man, she is what she claims she is

But I cannot allow her to take away the womanhood from herself

She is a woman able, worthy of the titleship of men

A lady so gentle you can call her a gentleman

She cares for me like a father so she breathes fatherhood

Provides for me like a hunter, my pillar at nightfall, fights for me even in my dreams

Loves me like I was meant for her, she is a god

But still I cannot allow her to rob herself off of her motherhood

I call her my boy she gets so excited for she doesn't know that my Boi ends with an "I"

So as to retain her womanhood, treasure her motherhood and honour the gentle lady she is

She is my Boi