Stupid crazy love

I cringe with excitement when I think of you,
My face deformed from all the smiles you afford me with, what did you do to me?
My heart leaps for joy when it beats just for you, fuck what have we done?
I tell you crazy tales, just to make you smile, oh boy how I love your smile
You genuinely laugh at my jokes, damnit you are too cool
Made of me an insomniac as I think of you all night long, oh how I miss my sleep
You love me as if its second nature, can't help but love you back as effortlessly without caution
Just like Usher I got it bad, don't you dare burn me, I have brothers who will hunt you down and cut off your hair and steal all your make-up if you do
Got that thing that melts my stoned heart, what are you? The incredible hulk?
Got that smile that weakens my every limb, you are my Cinderella
Oh my Goddess you got that thing about you that makes me feel at home, not in some blah blah blah let’s get married at Las Vegas with a ring from a lucky packet typa thing but in some I want you to meet my Mom kinda way