A ghost

Feels like I'm losing myself to a creature unknown
My body functioning with the limbs of a stranger
He has taken over my dreams, tormenting me in my sleep
Nightmares, ghostly creatures in my visions he has afforded me with
I feel haunted, seeing a man whose face I have I never seen
Smiling at me as if he owns me
Pointing at me as if he is coming for me
Raping me with his presence
I feel deaf but I can hear him clearly,
He calls my name; by my first name he calls me, leading me to the edge of darkness
I feel scared; I am mourning a part of me
He has done me in, leaving behind just my flesh
Flesh that knows no tale that tells no tale
I see snakes, serpents have befriended me
Crawling up to me like I am their motherhood
He has taken away all that pleasures me
With pride he has afforded me with tears
I'm drawing near the edge
Standing on the edge of depression
When will he leave me alone?